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That’s the hardest easy question I have been asked. Personally, growing up I wasn’t like most girls. I played sports, I went hunting, I was outdoors more than I was indoors, and wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty. I was the girl that got made fun of and didn’t get invited to little girls’ parties…I was considered one of the guys growing up and still to this day. I love decorating and putting my heart into my room décor for the simple fact that not everyone is going to see it and I can be completely myself with it! I can have my dark grey walls with my deer skulls hanging from the wall with all my horse-back riding medals hanging from them and my riding trophies next to them. In my room, I can have my ‘guy like trophy wall’, a Southwestern ceramic vase on one side and the other an extended closet because like most girls I have a shopping problem.


The best part about my room is that I can be myself in it and be proud of my trophies on the wall that I get to look up at every day! I love looking out my window that’s directly in front of the foot of my bed and getting to see all the family pictures or friend pictures hanging around it. To be reminded of all the memories of those who truly understand me and love me every day is my reminder I am loved for who I am. Those reminders keep me alive every day, they keep me fighting my depression and anxiety. The organization in my room that I keep helps me cope with the hectic life I live. Between having 2 jobs and 4 side jobs, plus being a full-time college student, and the harsh world full of rude people constantly fighting me and pushing me to fail. Its calming to come home and just lay on my floor or bed and look at my room décor and see the memories that my room tells that keeps me fighting. Then there are times where life is getting to be too much, and I need a distraction, so I will go to my room and reorganize it and clean my room and redecorate until I am calm again. I can truly say the décor of my room is why I am still here today.